Norwegian MEDEVAC Copter – No Red Crosses

The Norwegian Aeromedical Detachment force provide MEDEVAC support under NATO’s management of MEDEVAC and medical services in Afghanistan.

This photo from a 3 minute video filmed in April 2012 about Norwegian MEDEVAC missions shows that if the Norwegian helicopter has external markings all it is simply “ISAF” on its side doors. Some fly without even that marking.

2012-04 Norwegian MEDEVAC helicopter

This video filmed in May 2011 shows that the Norwegian MEDEVAC helicopters fly without the large Red Cross markings required by the U.S. Army on its MEDEVAC helicopters.

Norwegian MEDEVAC helicopter 2012

The Norwegian armored ambulance does have Red Crosses, but very inconspicuously displayed:

Norwegian Ambulance - front

Norwegian Ambulance - side

Norwegian Ambulance - Rear

By contrast U.S. Army helicopters are marked like this:

UH60 Airborne showing front and side

Here is a U.S. Army Stryker with ambulance markings. (In Afghanistan the vehicle would be desert tan.)

Stryker Ambulance in Olive drab

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