Send us your insights into how MEDEVAC services are working today

We are interested in publishing information about how the military MEDEVAC/CASEVAC services are working in 2017. Tell us about the advances and improvements you have experienced. What is static and what is regressing? Have an interesting photo or mission story to recount? Send it along. Is it a published story? Include the link. Please provide … Continue reading


It was a year ago today that Army SPC Chazray Clark was wounded by an IED while on patrol. Despite a MEDEVAC helicopter based only 1.5 miles away, SPC Clark laid in a field for an hour waiting for people 25 miles away to dispatch helicopters to rescue him. Unfortunately, SPC Clark died shortly after … Continue reading

Remembering the fallen heroes

Remembering the fallen heroes on Memorial Day 2012 in Afghanistan. The LTC with the message on her back honoring SFC Brian Woods has been a combat surgeon for 20 years. She is currently part of a FST (Forward Surgical Team) in Afghanistan. One can only imagine how many wounded soldiers and civilians she has … Continue reading Calm in the midst of chaos is lifesaving protocol for medevac crew in southern Afghanistan

By Laura Rauch Stars and Stripes “FORWARD OPERATING BASE PASAB, Afghanistan — It was the worst of places, but the soldiers on the ground had few options when they marked the landing zone for the medevac helicopter. One of their buddy’s legs had been blown off by an Improvised Explosive Device near Pashmul South, and … Continue reading