NATO Newsletter: NATO Medical Lessons Learned Newsletter, March 2011

NATO Medical Lessons Learned Newsletter

“Analysis of medical lessons is an essential means to improve operational effectiveness. By identifying where medical support can be enhanced and by providing recommendations t0 NATO bodies and nations, the lessons learned (LL) process enables NATO t0 make best use of its collective knowledge and experience. However, the LL process must also be responsive to current operations and this requires active data collection, a strong analysis network and, the distribution of regular, effective and pragmatic solutions. These solutions must be freely available if lessons are to be learned and that is the purpose of this newsletter. The following pages contain a number of current NATO lessons along with an update on progress to action them.”

The lack of information about MEDEVAC timelines and prehospital care linked to specific patients and their medical outcome is hindering the analysis that will lead to continuous improvement. This is certainly the case with the U.S. Army MEDEVAC operations as well.

The entire newsletter may be read here:  2011-03 NATO Medical Lessons Learned Newsletter

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