Yon: 66 minutes is not 59 minutes

“The Army campaign around the MEDEVAC continues to unravel.  They’ve tried just about everything short of assassination and witchcraft to freeze the growing stampede.  In the beginning, they claimed that my accounts of the failed MEDEVAC were completely wrong.  And then I produced the inconvenient high definition video and audio.

Undeterred, the Army has continued with a pattern of repetitive deception, knowing that if they repeat something enough it becomes “true.”  For instance, media accounts continue to parrot that Chazray Clark made it to the hospital one minute under the “Golden Hour” standard.  They say he reached the hospital in 59 minutes.  My video shows that it took about 66 minutes.

But the Army doesn’t let simple proof get in the way of the command narrative.

My unedited video of the attack and aftermath has been offered to the Pentagon and to the White House.  Neither accepted.  CBS and the Associated Press took it and produced stories.  Neither questioned my timeline.  FOX, nor any other media source, has questioned my timeline.

Yet outlets continue to parrot 59 minutes.   All reports that accept this narrative in the face of video are faulty.”

Read the entire article here.

One Response to “Yon: 66 minutes is not 59 minutes”
  1. Administrator says:

    Under Army policy, MEDEVAC missions that do not met the 60 minute metric for evacuating a wounded person to a medical treatment facility are reported to the Secretary of Defense.

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