“So That Others May Live”

Minutes Matter

The courage and commitment of the members of the medical services of the American armed forces is beyond question. While this web site urges policy makers to address issues that affect the ability of these heroes to act on their instincts, nothing in this web site is to be interpreted in any way as disparaging the men and women who routinely risk their lives to rescue, transport and provide medical aid and comfort to wounded troops in Afghanistan.

The recommendations mirror comments and suggestions of active duty and retired military personnel with MEDEVAC/CASEVAC experience in Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation New Dawn, Desert Storm, Vietnam, and other conflicts.

The principal changes we would like to see made are:

  • Removal of the Red Crosses from the MEDEVAC helicopters
  • Mounting weapons on the MEDEVAC helicopters

We believe that these changes would allow MEDEVAC helicopters to respond more quickly to requests for assistance and deliver the wounded to skilled medical care sooner. In instances were minutes and seconds count, these changes will save lives.

On this site you will find background material about the issues, arguments for and against the recommendations, comments from readers, and action steps you can take to press the U.S. Army, the Department of Defense, Congress and the White House to take action now to save lives of wounded soldiers in Afghanistan.

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